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This is a new Bulletin Board created to help communicate eligibility requirements for homeless client's to services offered within Summit County.  If you have eligibility information that has recently changed, is new, or just needs to be communicated and would like to post to this Bulletin Board, please forward an email to hmis@infolineinc.org.  If you choose, we can link to information already posted on your website.


   US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)


    Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority


  Ohio Department of Job and Family Services


   Social Security Administration


   Crisis Intervention Team
The Akron Police department, the Alcohol, Drug Addiction & Mental Health Services Board, and the local National Alliance for the Mentally Ill have come together to create a community-based partnership named the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT).  Click on the link to read more about this jail diversion program.


   Akron: Department of Planning and Urban Development


   Cuyahoga Falls: Community Development Block Program


   Summit County: Community Development Block Program



  Seasonal Information (Thanksgiving and Christmas)

Please call 211 or 330.376.6660 for seasonal information about area churches and agencies who are currently taking reservations for families who can sign up for help for the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas)




"Akron/Summit County is a community in which homelessness has been eliminated.  Everyone has access to resources and support needed to obtain and maintain decent, safe and affordable housing that enhances quality of life" - Continuum of Care Vision Statement


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